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Family owned, ICONIC NECTARS develops a portfolio of French products in the world of fine Wines and Spirits. Our Cognac, Champagne, Liqueurs, Syrups and other craft spirits are historical brands strongly rooted in their original terroirs. For several centuries, our products have been carefully developed with excellence and savoir-faire, in the greatest French tradition handed down from generation to generation.



Since 1584, the oldest Wine House in Champagne has been crafting a respectful style of a luxury family tradition where malolactic fermentation is carefully avoided in order to restore the naturally fruity aroma of the wines and to ensure their perfect preservation. Patiently crafted with passion, Champagne Gosset expresses the authenticity of a noble terroir and draw their generosity from a selection of grapes from the most prestigious vintages.

Cognac Frapin


Maison Frapin embodies with passion the great tradition of a family settled in the Cognac region since 1270. Guardians of a secular tradition, 21 generations of winemakers and distillers, transmitted a unique vineyard and savoir-faire throughout the centuries to create the Frapin signature, bringing to its highest expression the quintessence of Cognac.

The Frapin vineyard covers more than 240 hectares (593 acres) around the Château de Fontpinot, in the very heart of Grande Champagne, "1er Cru de Cognac". The grapes used to produce our Cognac come exclusively from

Domaine Frapin.



Groupe Vedrenne owns several Distilleries and Liquoristeries based in France, all of them emblematic of their unique terroirs. Expert in macerations, distillations and infusions of fruits plants and spices, the group offers a wide range of branded spirits, liqueurs and syrups. Vedrenne’s mission is to preserve the best possible expression of the authentic flavors of France’s regions and to make them available to the World.


Strongly anchored in France, Iconic Nectars operates its own distribution networks

and channels in France and abroad.


Today, the group's products are being distributed in more than 80 countries

all around the globe, as well as in specialized circuits

such as "Travel Retail".




The group’s savoir-faire and tradition, regularly enhanced through the centuries, has been transmitted from generation to generation and our Nectars are regularly being awarded by the most recognized awards at international contests.

The expertise of our teams has been recognized through labels such as "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" and "Excellence Française" thus confirming an official recognition of the excellence of our know-how and methods.

Proud of our terroirs, we are particularly selective about the raw materials used in our products. From sustainable practices implemented for more than twenty years on the Frapin vineyard, to the IFS label obtained for Vedrenne or to the “Charte d’Excellence” in place at Champagne Gosset, the savoir-faire linked to our brands is unanimously recognized.




A project? A brand to launch? Our Venture team is here to work with you alongside. Financial skills, technical development, supply-chain or road-to-market, our family group has all you need to help you succeed with your venture.




Keen to communicate on its savoir-faire, Iconic Nectars has opened several of its production sites to economic discovery tourism.

This approach, initiated in 1997 with the opening to public of our Distillerie de la Verveine du Velay, followed in 2001 with the launch of Cassissium starring the Cassis de Bourgogne, and also includes the Distillerie de Poissy near Paris, Distillerie des Terres Rouges in Nouvelle Aquitaine or the visit of Cognac Frapin.


Fondation Frapin


La Fondation Frapin was born from a family desire to support young people and families in difficulty, by placing French gastronomy as defined by UNESCO at the heart of its missions. The Foundation serves the integration of young people into society: vector of education, transmission of savoir-faire or professional training in food trades. La Fondation Frapin has been sheltered through the Foundation recognized of Public Utility: Les Apprentis d'Auteuil.


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